A lot of people asked me how I could go to the USA. First of all I want to say that it is not “Work and Travel” program. I will start from describing my attitude of using time. USING – not WASTING. I prefer to use every second of my life with benefit. This program let me combine “business with pleasure”, so I can travel and study in a very unusual and interesting way. So the key words of program are: 1 month. 2 states: Washington (Seattle) and Illinois (Chicago). 15 companies. 1 project in real American company. As a *bonus* I got a huge baggage of business and leadership experience, travel and food experience, opportunity to improve my English and also we had a lot of fun. When one of my managers in Almaty first heard about this program, he said: “This program is kind of MBA program which gave me at the age of 35 the opportunity to go abroad and take some business experience from really successful people during just two weeks, but you are only 22 and you have one MONTH. Just do it!” So I did it and wanted to share my emotions with you!