The one thing I absolutely love and respect about SELP and E2 is that people who help us in our studies of transformational leadership actually Do what they Teach. They transform, they lead, they create this culture.
I noticed for some time ago already that the way we (SELP students) think is already slight changing, because you can’t truly give yourself away and try to be engaged in this process like we do and avoid different changes from the inside. And that is exactly why I think this program must end up with good outcome and strong results: we are not being told what to do and how to do, we learn how to think through new experience, it brings changes to our hearts and minds and we figure out what to do and how to act by ourselves.
It’s the first time I experience education in that form and my opinion that nothing can be more efficient. Certain things you can understand and implement only after having first-hand knowledge. I think, that maybe there is no true knowledge without personal experience at all.