Get to know our alumni

Alina, SELP ’14 :

“The one thing I absolutely love and respect about SELP and E2 is that people who help us in our studies of transformational leadership actually Do what they Teach. They transform, they lead, they create this culture.
I noticed for some time ago already that the way we (SELP students) think is already slight changing, because you can’t truly give yourself away and try to be engaged in this process like we do and avoid different changes from the inside. And that is exactly why I think this program must end up with good outcome and strong results: we are not being told what to do and how to do, we learn how to think through new experience, it brings changes to our hearts and minds and we figure out what to do and how to act by ourselves.
It’s the first time I experience education in that form and my opinion that nothing can be more efficient. Certain things you can understand and implement only after having first-hand knowledge. I think, that maybe there is no true knowledge without personal experience at all.”

Aidana, SELP ’15:

“Learning is not about studying well at university. It is something more. It is all about understanding people and their needs, environment that surrounds you, values we we bring to society and experience we share. I have learned a lot since my stay in the USA. Each person I met and each company I visit made a huge impact on understanding the world from my point of view. I want to share with you something that I think is valuable. I understood that people who believe in something treat people well and try to make the world better. I think it is important to know what are the beliefs of people. It does not matter either it is religion or deep concept about life. It can be everything which is close to the heart of human-being. I believe that people who can understand the needs of society, people with big hearts and honest minds will make the world better place to live. I am very happy to be a part of SELP and experience valuable things. A company representatives, my host family and new friends showed me that there are a lot kind and generous people who will make the world better.
I want to encourage all of my friends to come to coming Transformational Leadership Program (TLP)! Maybe you will be the next SELP graduate!”

Julia, SELP ’15:

“A lot of people asked me how I could go to the USA. First of all I want to say that it is not “Work and Travel” program. I will start from describing my attitude of using time. USING – not WASTING. I prefer to use every second of my life with benefit. This program let me combine “business with pleasure”, so I can travel and study in a very unusual and interesting way. So the key words of program are: 1 month. 2 states: Washington (Seattle) and Illinois (Chicago). 15 companies. 1 project in real American company. As a *bonus* I got a huge baggage of business and leadership experience, travel and food experience, opportunity to improve my English and also we had a lot of fun. When one of my managers in Almaty first heard about this program, he said: “This program is kind of MBA program which gave me at the age of 35 the opportunity to go abroad and take some business experience from really successful people during just two weeks, but you are only 22 and you have one MONTH. Just do it!” So I did it and wanted to share my emotions with you!”

Gaini, SELP ’15:

I was a participant of an incredible program SELP 2014 (Summer Entrepreneurial Leadership Program), organized by E2 Educational Services. It is known that the program provides an unforgettable experience in spheres such as leadership, communication and entrepreneurship through visiting not only large and well-known companies, bur also some interesting start-ups and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, there is one more important point: SELP unites team members into one big happy family. So as the result, you will find not only an extraordinary experience that will undoubtedly be useful in building a career, or even your own business, but also you will find true friends.
This is my impression of participation in the SELP program
It helped me a lot to grow, get useful contacts, also in self-development, and self-improvement.

Zhuldyz , SELP ’15:

“I would express this journey as my next step to successfull self-development. And I absolutely loved it! Business games, meetings, lunches…The last combination of business I started loving more in US due to its portions… But the point is not this..
Because beside business, leadership skills which were one of the main focuses, I got a lot of other stuff too. Cultural differences, people that I met and the atmosphere of the SELP widened my eyes, made me to dream even higher and thank everyone who was the part of it!”

Frequently asked questions

A super-intensive 1 month business exposure internship in Seattle and Chicago. 15-20 companies with access to top mangers and executives. All the questions you can think of, all the information you can handle.
Top TLP graduates, who complete all three TLP Modules. We interview and select 7-10 candidates each year.
Large multinationals like Microsoft and Starbucks, and some of the most innovative SMB’s in the US.
You must meet the requirements for TLP. And excel in a highly competitive class.
Alignment with TLP curriculum and high investment in all seminar activities. Your english must be excellent.
Success completion of all three TLP Modules, Interview.
Varies yearly, but typically runs $1500 – $2000 per participant, E2 offers limited scholarships annually. The cost to E2 is $5000 per participant. We are considering lowering the overall cost of the program in lieu of scholarships for 2016.

What you receive

  • See for yourself what you learned in TLP
  • Meet in small teams with founders and CEO’s
  • Develop mentorship opportunities
  • Make an impression that can lead to an internship
  • Experience business culture in Seattle and Chicago